-Bob joined WJZ-TV Channel 13 in Baltimore, Maryland in October 1963 and served as comedy assistant, puppeteer and magician on, “The Lorenzo Show” (weekday mornings), which eventually became “The Bob McAllister Show” where he performed comedy skits, puppet skits, magic tricks, and songs in-between cartoon reruns.

Besides “Chauncey“, Bob worked with many puppet figures including “Seymour Snake” who gave the daily weather forecast and "Quigley the Cartoon Keeper" which was actually a nutcracker. Other characters from Bob’s creative mind were the country bumpkin “Thurman“, silent twin clowns “Willy Winkie & Billy Blinkie”, and “Mr. Grandy” the janitor.

Another popular character on the show was Bob's portrayal of mild-mannered “Melvin Frump“ who would transform into the mighty superhero “Mike Fury“ (pictured above), who always proclaimed that he was "courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, friendly, brave, and a goody". Bob continued to host his own kidshow at WJZ-TV until the summer of 1967, when his efforts came to the attention of one of the executives at WNEW-TV Channel 5 in New York.